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You asked for it... and we listened!


Put the spark back in your life with Pure Music Garlic's Dragon's Breath Seasoning. On a scale of 1-10, this blend is an 11; it's so incredibly tasty but it will sneak up and bite you. Dragon's Breath is not for the faint of heart so please use it with extreme caution, the Scoville heat on the pepper scale add up to almost 1,800,000 units. 


To our soft, silky garlic powder base, we've added chili pepper, cayenne, habenero and just in case you didn't think it was hot enough... we threw in a touch of ghost pepper too. So please use as little or as much as you want... don't say you were not warned. 


Dragon's Breath Seasoning is perfect as a grill seasoning for your chicken wings, pork chops, or beef brisket. Next time you are making chili or fajitas, or even sauteing some mushrooms go agead and spice it up. It's not just for cooking with, leave it on your table to add to anything on your plate and on movie night, add it to your popcorn.


Pure Music Garlic's Dragon's Breath will also make an incredible dip for your veggies or chicken wings if you mix it with our Pure Music Garlic's Ranch Seasoning. 

Dragon's Breath Seasoning

SKU: 0006
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