The Story behind Pure Music Garlic Products!

Over 10 years ago, Boars Rock Farm, located in Grey County started growing an few heads of organic hard necked garlic called music for ourselves. Now we grow over an acre of the same great tasting garlic to share with our community, friends and loyal customers. Over the past couple of years on the side I have started making a wide range of garlic products from our home-grown garlic, such as garlic powder.  When selling my products I would always get the same question, "what is added to the powders that make them so good", and  my reply is always "nothing but pure music." Growing the garlic in a traditional manner and being certified organic is very important to us. We know that people want to know where their food comes from, because we are the same. 

Recently we have dove into the niche market of Black Garlic. This fermented garlic is a powerhouse when it comes to benefits as well as flavour. Speaking of which you may be wondering what on earth black garlic would taste like? We call it Umami, which is a Japanese word for a savory taste. It is complex and rich, something that is definitely different, and certainly worth a try.  We are the only known seller of certified organic garlic in the province. And not only can you buy the bulbs of black garlic from us but we also have made it into a powder.  

These products and our certified organic garlic is pure a labour of love for us, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

- Lorraine & Paul Irwin

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