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How it Started

Fueled by a desire for authenticity and a love for genuine flavors, Lorraine embarked on this culinary adventure after growing tired of the uninspiring spice aisles in generic grocery stores. She recognized the need for a change – a departure from questionable ingredients, unclear sourcing, and lackluster taste. Thus, Pure Music Garlic was born.

At Boars Rock Farm, we believe in the power of transparency and freshness. We want you to experience the true essence of our organic garlic, meticulously grown and harvested on our family farm. You won't find our products in generic grocery store chains because we prioritize the integrity of our ingredients. We're dedicated to offering you an alternative – premium, all-natural, and locally sourced seasonings that elevate your culinary creations.

Join us on a flavourful journey as we redefine the standards for quality, taste, and authenticity. Pure Music Garlic – where every product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Irwin family at Kassidy and Stephen's Wedding 2023
Paul and Lorraine standing in front of their booth at the Guelph Organic Conference
brown garlic clove
white garlic clove

Our Commitment 
to Quality 

Our dedication to quality is not just a promise; it's a way of life.

Our commitment to crafting exceptional products begins on Boars Rock Farm. We cultivate organic garlic under the watchful eye of Paul Irwin, the true salt of the earth garlic farmer of Boars Rock. In our on-farm commercial kitchen, meticulously inspected by public health authorities, we transform our fresh, locally sourced garlic into a range of exquisite seasonings.

What sets us apart is our unwavering pledge to purity – no fillers, no preservatives, and absolutely no added salts or sugars. We take pride in delivering flavours that are as natural as the ingredients themselves. Moreover, our products are naturally gluten-free and vegan, ensuring that every Pure Music Garlic creation is a testament to our commitment to quality, health, and authenticity.

Long live Garlic!

Paul and Lorraine holding garlic grown on their farm

Meet Paul & Lorraine Irwin.

Lorraine is the visionary behind our delectable creations and the proud co-owner of Boars Rock Farm, with her husband Paul. Boars Rock farm is where our journey begins. As a family -owned business, we cultivate our organic garlic with care and dedication, ensuring that every product we offer is crafted from the freshest, locally

sourced ingredients.

From Soil to Seasoning: 

Our  Pure   Music
Garlic  Story

Welcome to Pure Music Garlic, where our passion for flavour meets a commitment to quality.

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the farm

Boars Rock Farms Logo


I wanted to share with you all a little about me.

I grew up in Bracebridge, Ontario where my family of 4 had a small hobby farm raising chickens. We all worked hard as a family with the upkeep, taking care of all the livestock and gardening, while also enjoying a great mix of play time added in. This means that we hatched our own eggs in an incubator for a new flock of chickens, and we also processed our older chickens for food.  My mom preserved everything from veggies, all sorts of pickles, and we even made maple syrup. If my brother and I wanted to skate on the ice we had to help build our own skating rink.  In other words, what I'm trying to convey is that everything was made from scratch.  I dreaded catching a chicken or getting attacked by our rooster, let alone sterilizing jars to can goods and dealing with bugs in the garden.  Growing up in the country was not all hard work, my Mom volunteered for everything in our community,  so naturally I had to volunteer for everything.  When I was a teenager I solemnly vowed never to be just a housewife and stay at home to cook and clean, or lend my spare time to every organization that needs people to work for free for those in need.


Once I graduated from high school I couldn't wait to move to Toronto to live on my own and go to college.  That was also the year my Mom passed away.  My first 6 months I was home sick, my next 3 years I was still not the person I felt I could be.  I had no passion in life, everything seemed so lacklustre.  The best thing I could do was to move out of the city and get back to learning who I was all over again.  Then I met my husband, Paul.  He had just bought a small acre of land outside of Shelburne and after a couple of months asked me to live with him. I found myself going back to my country roots and relearning all those life lessons I refused to grasp before. I didn’t know how to cook, since I never watched my Mom prepare a full meal, or to do household jobs while still carrying a part time job.  That was hard when you didn't have someone to call. 


Later that year, we lost our little house to a fire.  Again we rebuilt our life, and our home.  We started a family and finally found our forever home in Grey County.  Our 100 acre farm and small century home brought us both back to our country roots.  I started volunteering again for a couple of theatre groups in Meaford when our daughter Kassidy showed an interest in joining a couple of acting groups.  I even broke out of my shell more so by learning to be a director and even landing a couple of lead roles for myself. I joined our local agricultural society in Rocklyn when Dalton and Kassidy became interested in 4-H.  We even started to raise chickens for our personal needs, and Paul started growing garlic.  For the next 5 years we built our tiny crop up to an acre of certified organic "Music" garlic, and even had a potential contract. Again, disaster struck and we almost lost the whole crop due to environmental failure.  I could go into details,  but I refused to give up and asked Paul if I could use some of the slightly damaged garlic for a new idea that I had been thinking about for a while.  In a couple of weeks, Pure Music Garlic was born like a phoenix out of the ashes.  


Sometimes, you have to go back to your roots and live like our parents did but in a more productive way.  Sometimes, you have to wait for half a lifetime to find your inner drive and passion. Sometimes you have to move forward when it's hard to do so and learn to let go.  Would I have changed a thing looking back in my life?...not one bit.  I give thanks to my Mom  for hanging onto material items such as my 15 year Girl Guides of Canada pin; a letter from a certain Prime Minister thanking me for 100's of volunteer hours when I was a Candy Striper at our hospital in Bracebridge, and many more personal achievements.  In 2023, we gave our Daughter's hand away to an incredible man who loves her as much as we do.  Our oldest son Dalton found his personal passion and started to work towards a new career as an arborist and l was honoured to be awarded the Agri-Business of the Year, among many other hard working and well deserving nominees in our region.  Paul is working hard on a beautiful new business venture that will certainly benefit all who cares for their health and longevity.  I certainly haven’t started to slow down and will continue to produce incredible garlic products that taste exactly like nature intended. 

Thank you for coming along on this wild ride that is this life. We thank you for supporting our dreams and hope that you continue to enjoy our products as much as we enjoy crafting them for you.

Lorraine and her daughter Kassidy cooking in the kitchen
Lorraine in the dressing room during her theatre days
group of three black garlic cloves
Our Family vacation from when our family was younger
The Barn Quilt Trail committee in front of "The Bird" Barn Quilt
Kassidy and Lorraine Irwin enjoying the farm in the winter
Paul and Lorraine celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in 2023
Music Garlic

Meet the Boars Rock    Family

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Kassidy and Stephan.jpeg

Kassidy & Stephen


The Security

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