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We go together like chips and garlic!

So recently through the great support of my business/social media/graphic design artist extraordinaire and very dear friend Hiliary Breadner, I would have never worked up the courage to post an IGTV video on Pure Music Garlic’s Instagram account. With Hiliary, Paul and myself in our kitchen I had a lot of fun talking about rehydrating Pure Music Garlic’s garlic chips into something that any chef young and old could use in your daily cuisine. That and the fact that there is no local fresh garlic out yet and the only thing available in the grocery stores comes from “you know where”.

One of our biggest sellers is our chips sold with a grinder lid for a course grind or fine grind option. But only at the trade shows, festivals, conferences and my on-line store will you find that I also sell garlic chip refill bags to fill up your 50g jar so that you will never run out of garlic flakes when you need it. What you should know is that you don’t need to grind, crush, or shake all the time to enjoy that intense garlic flavour you are looking for. If you haven’t seen the video, I will post the easy recipe at the end of the blog for you to have fun with when you are cooking your next meal and in the meantime I will share what else you can use Pure Music garlic chips for you to try.

Ontario fresh garlic growers offer many amazing great varieties and heat levels for your taste buds but Boars Rock Farm only grows a certified organic porcelain, hard-neck variety called Music that is Canada’s most popular. It has a long shelf life, big clove size, easy to peel and a heat score in the medium range. If you have ever bitten into a fresh clove of garlic, you’ll know what I mean by heat level. Most garlic lovers don’t mind dragon breath and go about their day knowing that they can make vampires swoon in their wake. In my case when ever I hear “ but it’s just Music”, I offer everyone the garlic chip challenge and try for themselves. I have had fans walk around eating them right out the the bag and not sharing. Dehydrated Ontario garlic saves time by eliminating peeling, saves your hands from smelling and your eyes from tearing.

To celebrate Easter we are having a super sale on 200g Bags of Garlic Chips! This is the biggest size we have ever had available, 4x the size of the normal bag. And it's over 25% the retail price until April 17th at noon! Get your Bulk Garlic Chips before they are gone.

One of my best ideas for the chips would be to season your roasts (chicken, lamb, beef, pork, etc...) by placing whole chips into your meat one thin slice at a time. My rule of thumb is the ratio of : 1 garlic clove is = to 1/2 tsp minced garlic, 1/4 tsp dried garlic, or 1/8tsp of garlic powder. Go big or go small but I always go big.

Enjoy some of my other favourite ways to use the chips,

- Soak whole chips in pickle juice and then pour a shot into a gin Caesar cocktail

- I like to rehydrate crushed chips before blending them them into my homemade hummus recipe and top with roasted red pepper

  • For a tomato sauce, mix with Italian herbs and simmer in crushed or diced tomatoes

  • For a chicken breast marinade, blend 2TBSP of course ground garlic chips with 1 1/2 tsp of dried Greek oregano, thyme and basil with 3/4 tsp of marjoram and rosemary into any liquid of your choice. I prefer orange juice.

  • My breakfast go-to is a toasted everything bagel with garlic cream cheese, a slice of tomato sprinkled with a bit of fine grind chips.

In no way am I saying dehydrated garlic is better than fresh garlic , but if that’s all you have, then use what you have. There are many different ways out there to use Pure Music Garlic Chips but I’m sure by now those who have purchased some have found their own favourite recipes to use and I’d love to hear about them. So to all, eat, drink and be merry and may all your recipes be Pure.

How to rehydrate Pure Music Garlic Chips:

Grind up a bit of chips into smaller pieces and place into empty sterilized mason jar with a lid, preferably a 250mL size. Fill with warm water to about 2/3 full and screw on lid. Place in fridge for 12 hours and they should expand enough to fill the jar. If there is any water left, use it with your potato water, or soup mix, last piece of advice would be to use up your jar within a couple of weeks. Garlic doesn’t do well when sitting around in moisture for risk of botulism, and this is the main reason why I would never recommend using oil to rehydrate your chips.

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