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A Year in Review - 2020

2020—what a year

I should have wrote this at the beginning of the year but January seemed to go by in a blur. Paul and I were busy with the kitchen and Pure Music Garlic not slowing down with everyone wanting their garlic products. I’m not complaining though, when I think about it and reflect back into the past year I smile and get a warm feeling that there is a rainbow through all the thick clouds that was 2020.

In the end of January, trade shows started with the Guelph Organic Conference and it marked our second year as a vendor there. A lot of consumers recognized us and the 2 days went by in a flash. Needless to say Boars Rock Farm and Pure Music Garlic had an incredible show. We made new contacts and between vendors there was a lot of great bartering, it’s one of my favourite ways of trying new products from amazing producers. My next trade show was a new one called the Kitchener Waterloo Women’s Show scheduled for March 21/22 at Bingemans. Unfortunately, that's when COVID hit Canada and all large events shut down due to safety concerns. I try not to think about the devastation this virus has caused world wide but it has become the new normal and we have to deal with it.

The other thing I contemplated, was joining a farmers market. All of the garlic festivals and trade shows I signed up for were cancelled because of the big number of crowds that usually attends these festivals. But there was a silver lining...I did join two farmers markets one in Meaford and the other in Collingwood, both proved to be amazing and I could work around my day job at a retirement home. Collingwood and Meaford locals showed the farm and Pure Music Garlic lots of love and welcomed us with open arms, so thank you again everyone who wore their masks and showed their support. The other thing we did as a couple was asking local and touristy destinations if we could set up for a single day of pop up tent sales. That was a lot of fun and can’t wait to do so again this year because I wouldn’t have met great businesses like Carson’s Garden and Market, Flossies Sandwich Parlour and Hello Bonjour Pec in Prince Edward County. I also had an incredibly fun afternoon pop up event right around the corner in Rocklyn at the Rocklyn Inn. Two of the garlic festivals in Ontario did place extreme caution and they were successful as well, so also thank you Eastern Ontario and Verona.

But the best surprise was how much support and business I received from my website and now I ship across Canada to those who are in search of premium garlic products. Did I mention the love for all things local was amazing to see? 2020 and beyond has shown to me that consumers want to know where their food was coming from, wanting to cook at home since their favourite restaurants were closed and not to mention, the huge pick up in farm gate sales. I also saw a lot of people wanting to plant their own garden to grow their own garlic and a desire to learn how to can or freeze produce of their own. I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes everyone should go back to their roots and it was nice to see. Please keep it up and possibly once we can go back to a somewhat of a normal state I will look forward to serving you at the festivals and events that we all know and love.

Bye for now, love


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