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For every two pounds of Garlic Scapes you pick

 take one pound home free!




This year with uncertain times and the need for local food we are doing things differently here at Boars Rock Farm. If you schedule a time to bring your family to the farm, pick scapes during your time slot and for every two pounds of Garlic Scapes that you pick, you get to take one pound home.

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Here is How this works

Free food for your family

You can take home half of what you pick to enjoy with your family. That means that if you would like to have 10 lbs of Garlic Scape, you pick 20lbs.

Social Distancing

We will require you to claim your picking time slot during our Garlic Scape season. This will allow for a few families at a time to come and pick garlic scapes in different sections of the field at once. All while respecting public health guidelines.

Get Outside

This is a fantastic way to get outside, get some fresh air and exercise while harvesting your own food! It is very simple to snap that scape from the rest of the garlic plant to harvest.

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